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Coach Carter Week 17


This week, many things happened out of the blue. It was a busy and challenging week for me, but also very productive. I noticed that the more I focus on my dreams, the more people from unexpected situations, come to me with solutions or ideas that help me reach my goals easily.  Every time it happens, I am surprised. I should know, thanks to Haanel and Mark J., how the Law of attraction works; but I am still amazed by the creativity of the Universal Mind in bringing me all the information I need.I am grateful every single day and every single moment.

As you can see from the title, I would like to talk about a movie that I saw this week: Coach Carter.  I am not a person that likes those movies on sport…and I am not specially a fan of basketball, but I loved the movie. In the character of Coach Carter, we can find persistence, discipline, coherence, dignity, respect, positive mental attitude, a definite major purpose and a plan of action. This is so inspiring. It is a a great example to follow. I suggest that you watch it, if you did not see it already and then, let me know what do you think. The best part for me it is the one where a boy is replying to Coach Carter’s question on what is your deepest fear. Listen to this, it is amazing, I keep repeating it in my head over and over..I have also strong feelings inside about that (you can see also my previous posts on fear, one of my favourite topics 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and for reading. Any comment is much appreciated!

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Author: Chiara Capello

Chiara is a Certified Sampoorna Yoga and Meditation Teacher (RYT 500), Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT 95), Yin Yoga Instructor (130 hours) and Reiki practitioner. She comes from Italy, but now she lives in Belgium. Living in an international environment, she speaks Italian, English, French and German. Chiara’s yoga and meditation path started in 2003, in Brussels, during a stressful period at work. She soon experienced the fullness of the practice and the transformation in the body and mind through the system developed by Shri Yogi Hari, called “Sampoorna Yoga”: the Yoga of Fullness. The enthusiasm for yoga and meditation changed the course of her life and career. After experiencing different Yoga styles and meditation techniques, in 2012 and 2013 she took the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course with Shri Yogi Hari. The same year (2012), Chiara left her job as a lawyer and now dedicates her time fully to sharing yoga and meditation with children, families and adults. She loves teaching and practising meditation and yoga. It helps her remain strong, grounded and happy and enables her to deal with the ups and downs of life. A daily meditation practice is an essential part of her life. ----- Chiara é un’insegnante certificata in Sampoorna yoga e meditazione (500 ore), yoga per bambini (95 ore) e Yin Yoga (130 ore), oltre che praticante di Reiki. E’ italiana di origine, ma ora vive in Belgio. Siccome vive in un ambiente internazionale, parla Italiano, Inglese, Francese e Tedesco. Il suo cammino di yoga e meditazione comincia nel 2003 a Bruxelles, durante un periodo stressante al lavoro. In quel frangente, Chiara fu conquistata dall’impatto della pratica sul proprio corpo e mente, grazie al sistema sviluppato da Shri Yogi Hari, chiamato Sampoorna Yoga: lo yoga della pienezza. L’entusiasmo per lo yoga e la meditazione cambio’ cosi’ il corso della sua vita e carriera. Dopo aver sperimentato diversi stili di yoga e meditazione, nel 2012 e 2013 decide di diventare insegnante di Sampoorna Yoga con Shri Yogi Hari. Nello stesso anno ( 2012) , Chiara lascia il suo lavoro di giurista ed ora dedica tutto il suo tempo per diffondere lo yoga e la meditazione tra i bambini, le famiglie e gli adulti che cercano la calma interiore, in un mondo pieno di stimoli continui. Ama insegnare e praticare lo yoga e la meditazione. Questo la aiuta a rimanere forte e felice, in modo da affrontare con facilità e leggerezza gli alti e bassi della vita. La meditazione quotidiana é ormai divenuta una parte essenziale e irrinunciabile della sua vita.


  1. I posted this same video…it is…was…me.

    I have had a very hard time letting my light shine. I actually had a discussion with my Dad when I was in New Hampshire…um, well, he actually lectured me about why I should not “shrink” and why I should be letting my light “shine.” Oh in writing this how does everything tie together…how we can all be the greatest salesman making the greatest sale to ourselves… giving ourselves permission…hmmmmmm. Thank you Chiara…you are an inspiration!
    Rip Yegerman recently posted…2016 Week16-WOW!My Profile

  2. I’ll watch it! grazie for sharing Chiara :-*

  3. Wow Chiara what a beautiful post and a amazing video to share with us. In life we have pendulum that swings between fear and courage. Between light and darkness. We need to go through fear and darkness to let our courage and light shine. Get excited about fear and darkness they are tools to greatness.

    • Yes, Tobie, this is sooo true. We are on our way to greatness…Thank you 🙂

    • I love the image of the pendulum! Some time ago I saw a Pendulum of Foucault and it is really…really charming, clever, elegant….
      I am realizing that I’ve never perceived the swings ‘between fear and courage, light and darkness’ as something beautiful. But actually it is! This changes completely the perspective!!
      Thank you Tobie and thank you Chiara. Have a nice day :-*

  4. I’m so happy how things are going for you 😀
    I believe that we all the time have all information, solutions or ideas that we need, but we do not noticed them – because we are not believe in them that they are for us… But with this MKMMA you can see how everything is match with your dreams – you just need to let it accept it 😀

  5. Another great post with an interesting video. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Rick recently posted…MLMMA 2016 Week 12 – FocusMy Profile

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