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Online yoga classes via Skype

Due to the present pandemic, all my classes are currently held online via Skype from my yoga Shala. Contact me by email for more details to join. I teach in english, french and italian.

Regular classes and workshops will resume as soon as possible.

New schedule:

Tuesday 14.15 to 15.15 Sampoorna yoga

Tuesday 12.15 to 13.15 Sampoorna yoga

Wednesday 18.30 to 19.30 Yin and Yang yoga

Thursday 13.15 to 14.15 Yin yoga

Thursdays 18.30 to 19.30 once per month Yoga Nidra

Friday 17 to 18 Teens yoga

Sunday 11 to 12 Kids yoga

Hope to see you all soon also in person. In the meantime, stay safe, stay at home and continue practicing!

Om shanti, Chiara


sphynx pose

March 30, 2020
by Chiara Capello

My gift for you in this difficult moment, Yoga nidra

Om dear yogis,

It has been a while, since I wrote my last blog post… Many things happened.

Finally, during this time of confinement, I took the occasion to write to you and, more importantly, to produce a Yoga nidra file that is my gift to you all.

It’s my way of giving support, during this difficult moment. I know that it is important to stay active and to continue our Hatha yoga practice every day, but even more important is to address the mind. We are literally bombarded by scary news via TV, social media etc. Unfortunately, all this raises anxiety, anger and fear in our mind. We shall protect the mind from all those negative thoughts, it will help us also to stay healthy. As a result, now Yoga nidra becomes a crucial tool to calm down the mind and to avoid “bad emotions” taking space in us.

Those of you that participate to my Yoga nidra classes know that it’s a powerful practice. If you never tried it, I would advice to use this opportunity to start. For more information about it, go to my page on Yoga nidra on this website.

Now, that we cannot go outside, we go inside.

Meditation, Yoga nidra are excellent practices for this moment. Start meditating now, no excuses anymore! If you don’t know how to meditate, there is a course on meditation here on this website (under “Courses”here, that I also created. All you need is 15 minutes per day. Use the time at home to install new good habits that you will enjoy also when all this will be over.  At least this virus, could bring something good for us, after all the suffering.

Finally, here it is the Yoga nidra file for you in english and in italian:  practice it during the day to recharge the batteries or during the evening, if you have problems to fall asleep. I do it every day and it is for me a great support and confort. You will find mine and more of these Yoga nidra files on my teacher’s website at:

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Ed ecco la traduzione del mio Yoga nidra in italiano, per chi volesse sperimentare questa meravigliosa pratica! Potete ascoltare il file durante il giorno per ricaricare le batterie oppure alla sera prima di addormentarvi per essere piu’ rilassati e soprattutto per scacciare via l’ansia e la paura, che purtroppo ci accompagnano in questi giorni di confinamento a casa. Fatemi sapere che ne pensate. Se vi interessa approfondire ed imparare una tecnica per  meditare, qui sul mio sito, troverete il mio corso di meditazione anche in italiano, sotto “Courses”qui  Per cominciare, bastano 15 minuti al giorno! Vi incoraggio ad introdurre nuove buone abitudini, che vi porterete dietro anche dopo che tutto questo sarà finito. Almeno, questo virus ci avrà portato anche qualcosa di positivo, oltre a tutta questa sofferenza. Buona pratica!



Sitting in meditation


September 13, 2019
by Chiara Capello
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The Masterkey experience is open now for enrolment, register today!

Hello dears,

I am finally back from looong nice holidays. I hope you enyojed this free time too and you came back refreshed. Did you also practice a bit of yoga? I mainly did yin at the beach and restorative.

Like every September, I would like to tell you that the enrolment for the Masterkey course is open NOW! I am really excited about it. You may know that I have been a Guide in this programme and I absolutely love to see people changing their lives, because of the big shift in their mindset this course is bringing. I experienced it too and the impact on my life was and still is spectacular! Many concepts we learn are very close to ancient yoga teachings..

It is a life changing experience, a 6 months challenging course that will provide you the tools to live the life of your dreams.

I am looking forward to meeting the new members ready for the big adventure. Do not miss it! It cannot be bought (it costs 1 euro to register) and spots are limited.

So, go to and watch the Videos there! Get on the list and subscribe. I am so grateful that I took that decision 4 years ago and you will too 🙂

Let me know what you think and if you have questions.

Om shanti,


July 3, 2019
by Chiara Capello

My interview on Meditation

Hello dear Yogis, I am happy to share here a video with my interview on meditation. I explain a bit how I meditate and I share some tips. Meditation has been part of my life since years and I could not live without this moment of peace, where my mind can rest for a few minutes. If you have comments on it, I will be very pleased to receive your feedback on this argument.

Moreover, I developed a course on how to meditate and you will find it here :

Ok, now is time to view the video:

I hope you enjoyed the content and let me know what you think! Have a great start of the summer:)

May 31, 2019
by Chiara Capello

Start meditating today and change your life!

Hello dear yogis,

Just a bit of infos and news from me. I would like to stress the importance of a regular meditation practice to live a more serene life and to take good decisions, when we are challenged and we do not know what is the best choice for us.

My advice: start meditating today! Make it an habit. The same with your yoga practice: set it as a PRIORITY in your calendar, otherwise something will get in the way and you will end up going once per month, which is certainly not enough to make progress. Remember, it is better to practice yoga and, or meditation 30 minutes every day, instead of 2 hours once per month.

To take my meditation course, on the Tapas for life platform, watch the intro video and go to:

There is also an italian version here (la versione italiana del mio corso di meditazione si trova qui):

I would like also to give you my checklist to start meditating. To be fully effective in your daily meditation, follow it step by step:

  1. Commit to the meditation practice and fit it into your daily schedule. Decide if you want to do it in the morning after waking up or in the evening before going to bed.
  2. Find a quiet, peaceful spot in your house, where to sit, without being disturbed. No electronics around (no computers, phones etc). Always sit there, to create a habit. It will be your “sacred spot”, just waiting for you each day.
  3. Switch off all your devices (telephone and other disturbing sounds).
  4. Use a timer. Set 10 to 15 minutes to start.
  5. Sit up either on a chair, with your back straight and hands on your lap, or cross-legged on the floor (better on a yoga mat or a carpet). In this position, you can sit on a cushion to have your hips elevated compared to the knees, so your back is straight. Remember: you should be comfortable, as you will stay around 15 minutes immobile, without pain in the body (otherwise you will be distracted and it will be impossible to meditate).
  6. Warning: never meditate lying on the bed or on the floor, as it will be easy to drift into sleep.
  7. Close your eyes, focus and breath.

Happy practice!

Chiara Capello